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I have been practicing TaiJi Quan for more than 30 years. I have seen many famous “Grand Masters” from different places and schools. I believe that Chen Style TaiJi Quan Grand Master Hong JunSheng’s Quan and theory is the most systematic and scientific. Today, since GM Hong has passed away, among his disciples, Chen Zhong Hua has gotten the true transmission. Many people said “You can find Hong JunSheng’s real skill in Chen ZhongHua’s body”, “The feeling is just like pushing hands with Hong JunSheng”, “Chen ZhongHua has gotten the real transmission” etc. Hong had many disciples, how could the real transmission belong to only one disciple? However, this saying is not without reason. In 2010 summer, I used my vacation to visit Chen ZhongHua at DaQingShan to verify. Now, I completely agree with that statement. Chen ZhongHua is rightfully a standard bearer of Hong JunSheng’s “Chen Style TaiJi Quan Practical Method”.​​​​​​​​​​

The difference between technique and skill. With most famous masters, push hands are technique variations, or fast overcome slow, strong overcome weak, overcome a technique with another. With Chen ZhongHua, he has little technique, little strength, but these seemingly unlimited variations of moves will overcome you. Unbelievable, isn’t this the real TaiJi skill?

Understanding and Analysis of Quan. Chen ZhongHua is 49 years old (in 2011). It is considered young among the famous masters in China. But his deep understand and accurate analysis of the Quan is beyond his age. Chen Zhonghua does not use “yi”, “qi”, popular terms in TaiJi Quan circle to explain Quan. On the contrary, he likes to use comprehensive and to-the-point demonstrations. Allowing one to really understand the martial art aspect of TaiJi Quan. The art if amazing but not mysterious. This style, we would ask who among the “grandmaster” can achieve?Chen ZhongHua is honest, kind, warm and sincere. Although living abroad for 27 years, he treats people honestly, a unique characteristic of a ShanDong person. Among his students, many are reputable and successful, entreprenuer, rich. But he never discriminate, like some “grandmasters”. At the small square in front of YuLangGe, he treats his students all the same, explaining and teaching without reservation. Chen ZhongHua will let his students experiment any move on his own body, will test with anyone, just like in the past how GM Hong would gently throw a person out with a smile.

Someone said, a person’s moral level will determine his skill’s level. This is very difficult to verify. I can only mention, from all the students of Chen Zhonghua that I met, none has seen him complain, show anger, worry. 2012, May, a typhoon has brought heavy damages to his DaQongShan mountain resort. None of his staff and students have ever seen him depressed. It is as if the damaged properties don’t belong to him. How does one reach this level? Travelling round the world, making huge sacrifices in order to spread Practical Method. GM Hong, in the past, had been addressed as “TaiJi Magic Hand”, “TaiJi Giant Star”, this is the result of everyone’s acknowledgement of his skill. Chen ZhongHua is Hong’s family’s appointed Chen Style TaiJi Quan Practical Method “International Standard Bearer”. Teaching all over the world, truly “spreading the art throughout the world”. At the moment, Chen ZhongHua has his footprint over more than 100 cities. Many caucasian students are also expanding teacher’s career in their own countries, spreading the treasure of TaiJi to the human race.

​In summary, we seek the truth, if you don’t believe, please verify at RiZhao, DaQingShan.

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