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Chen Style Practical Method

Chen Style TaiJiQuan Practical Method was developed by the late GrandMaster Hong Jun Sheng. GM Hong had spent 15 years learning Chen Style TaiJi under GM Chen FaKe in BeiJing from 1930-1944 before moving to JiNan(ShanDong). In 1956, GM Hong went back to BeiJing to seek further training with Chen FaKe and developed “Practical Method”. (Click here for detail story). GM Hong’s disciple, Master Chen ZhongHua, is now teaching this “Practical Method” and tradition professionally in Canada, USA, Europe, Asia and, of course, Singapore. You can also find out more about Practical Method at Please click on the image on the right to watch Master Chen ZhongHua's yilu.


Please click here to watch Master Chen Zhonghua's yilu.

Michael Koh C.S.


Michael Koh is a indoor disciple of Master Chen ZhongHua and also a authorised instructor of Practical Method in Singapore. Attended DaQingShan fulltime training in 2011 & 2012. In 2012 March, hosted Master Chen ZhongHua’s 1st Singapore Workshop. Achieved 1st position (Gold), scored 8.83, in the All Men’s Division Form Competition at the 2nd Annual DaQingShan Hong Jun Sheng International TaiJi and Health Conference and Competition in 2012. You can find Michael on the Facebook, or email to Michael was accepted as Master Chen’s disciple in Oct 2012. The ceremony was conducted in Singapore in the presence of many TaiJi friends and family. Master Hong represented GM Hong and Hong family in this occasion.

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